ASEAN Emblem in the heart of “Rumdoul”, the national flower of Cambodia with yellowish-white petal of unique fragrance and the authentic distinctive plant of Siem Reap,  signified the delightfulness of Cambodia as the host of the 17th TELMIN and Related Meetings in our Wonderland of Angkor on the occasion of ASEAN’s 50th Anniversary.

The circle of ten flags and the connected circuit represent unity and the close collaboration of ASEAN member states to achieve its own future vision as an Integrated Digital Community.


" ICT Connectedness and Readiness: Towards a Digitally Integrated Community "


Explanatory Note:

Fostering ASEAN transformation toward Digital Economy, ASEAN Community commits to enhance the key enablers in not only providing connectivity but also promoting the CONNECTEDNESS of individual and community and the READINESS of a secure environment, human capacity and innovation for the digital economy transition where the business environment could grow. The structural development of the key enablers to achieve objectives as set in AIM 2020 will lead ASEAN to be an Integrated Digital Community in the near future.